About Ethyco


So why should you consider buying ETHYCO?

For many years the Fairtrade brand has been a recognisable mark in the UK beverage market. Fairtrade has guaranteed the farmers a price set above that of the commodity market with the intention of benefitting the lives and communities in third world and developing countries. ETHYCO takes this a step further and re-invests 2% of sales to social enterprise projects right here in the UK.

Every 6 months we'll be making donations to social enterprise projects with a socio-economic or environmental focus via our partners at Social Enterprise Scotland. You'll be able to check back here and see what projects your purchases have helped to contribute towards.

Your purchase will benefit the lives of others, close to home and internationally, too!

No other beverage range offers this level of social responsibility. Can ETHYCO support your Corporate Social Responsibility statement?