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Community Food Initiatives North East

CFINE is delighted to work with ETHYCO given the many crossovers in our companies' ethos. We are also very grateful for the financial contribution which will go towards the recently established Food Banks Partnership in which CFINE is the lead partner. CFINE looks forward to a mutually beneficial partnership.

ETHYCO says: We're delighted to support CFINE given that they share many business synergies with our model. Even down to simple things like trying to encourage healthy eating through to delivering new and different healthy foods locally we really admire what CFINE have achieved so far!

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Create Aberdeen

The generous donation from ETYHCO will enable Create Aberdeen to purchase a tablet for our newsletter group, allowing group members who cannot use a standard computer to access and research news and issues, develop articles and posters and generally have the same access to technology as the other group members. We also intend to purchase a stand to allow the tablet to be easily accessible on a wheelchair tray. Create Aberdeen's newsletter reaches a large audience made up of those with and without learning disabilities, their carers, families, friends and health and care professionals. The newsletter highlights good practice in the Aberdeen, resources, events and accessibility, and as such makes the community a more accessible place for people with learning disabilities.

ETHYCO says: We had encountered the work of Create Aberdeen while installing the cafe at Inchgarth Community Centre and were aware of the effort put in by the team to provide activities and support for some of our local residents who are affected by learning difficulties. We hope that our donation with facilitate a great deal more fun and enjoyment for the group!

Ochil Leisure Centre logo Ochil Leisure Centre swimming pool

Ochil Leisure Centre

With ETHYCO's donation we will be able to buy toys for the swimming pool for children and families to play with, making their family swim time even more enjoyable. We do not usually have any money to pay for these, as all of our current funds are reserved for the running of the facility.

ETHYCO says: Communities need their community space and facilities. When we heard about Ochil Leisure we were inspired to see the community running its own sport centre. We hope that the children of Alva and Clackmannanshire enjoy the facilities that our donation will provide.

Restart Logo Restart showroom Restart showroom exterior

Restart Orkney

The donation from ETHYCO will help us provide additional support and training associated with our employability programme such as retail and customer service training, developing furniture restoration skills, warehousing and furniture removals.

Restart Orkney shares Caber Coffee's social and environmental vision in bringing communities together, increasing their sustainability and improving the quality of lives. Restart Orkney values the contribution Caber Coffee makes to support similar social enterprises throughout Scotland where a real difference is being made.

ETHYCO says: Our contract with Serco Northlink Ferries has enabled us to look to support enterprises in the Northern Isles. Restart Orkney stood out to us, not just for the recycling and re-selling of quality second hand furniture but also for the training they can provide to help local people find employment again.

Ethics Girls

Ethics Girls

Ethics Girls is a cooperative/social enterprise that sells and promotes all aspects of ethical fashion. We have an online shop and a regular blog and newsletter. We promote the importance of developing an ethical aspect to the UK fashion industry. The industry needs to review the materials that are used to make clothes, due to future demands on water. We should not be having regular reports on sweatshop incidents. We should not be over consuming clothing as there is an increasing issue with the waste management of unwanted clothes.

We are planning to run remaking/upcycling/sewing classes in Fife. We have a plan for classes that do not need sewing machines, but our major focus is to run sewing classes. Unfortunately we have so far struggled to find sewing machines on our budget. With this donation, we will buy reconditioned machines so that we can start our sewing/remaking classes in the new year.

ETHYCO says: We're only too aware of the pressure being placed upon our Landfill sites and, whilst recycling of fabrics isn't new, seeing a project that upcycles used materials into genuine fashion products, based in Scotland, is fantastic. There's a synergy with Ethics Girls and our own upcycling project!

Fife Social Enterprise Network

Fife Social Enterprise Network

The Fife Social Enterprise Network is a newly constituted peer support network for all of the Social Enterprises of Fife. The group meets approximately every eight weeks at a location which rotates between some of the larger social enterprises in the group. Guest speakers are invited along to meetings to inform members on a variety of subjects including Government Initiatives, Procurement. The Network also looks to assist its members in the formation of partnership arrangements when tendering for large contracts, or where it’s felt a varied skill-set would give a competitive edge.

The donation will be used to advertise the network more widely, producing some marketing material and a pull up banner to take along to events. We would also like to produce a simple website advertising the work of the Fife Social Enterprise Network. We rotate meetings around the larger social enterprises as they tend to have meeting space on site. This limits the geographic coverage of the network and it would be useful to occasionally hire a meeting room near some of the smaller social enterprises so that visits could be arranged to let other members see firsthand some of the smaller enterprises – all part of the learning experience the network aims to provide.

ETHYCO says: Bringing communities together is exactly what we're aiming to do. By supporting the new network group we hope that Social Enterprises in Fife will be able to share information, knowledge and skills by bringing people together on a regular basis.

Café Coast Café Coast Café Coast Café Coast

Café Coast

Café Coast is a stylish and contemporary restaurant, open daily. Our talented Head Chef and his team have put together a mouth watering menu to suit all tastes. Whether you are looking for a cooked breakfast, light lunch or a delicious tray bake, you are sure to find something to tempt you.

The donation will go towards expanding our ETHYCO Coffee offering, hopefully in new premises, for the benefit of our customers. Café Coast serve ETHYCO coffee because we are committed to selling products that are aligned with our social responsibility aims and welcome the commitment of Caber Coffee in supporting social enterprises.

ETHYCO says: Inspire have been long-term customers of ours and we’re very excited that they are looking to expand their operation. Cafe Coast is a popular restaurant within Aberdeen and they have helped a huge number of individuals over the years. We look forward to continuing to support and develop our relationship in the future.

Recycle FifeRecycle Fife

Recycle Fife

Established in 2004, Recycle Fife is a multi-materials recycling organisation in Lochgelly, Fife. It provides jobs, training and volunteering opportunities particularly for those who are furthest from the job market, while running as a Social Enterprise with Charitable status. It provides recycling facilities and services including skip hire for businesses and households across Fife and the surrounding areas. The team advise customers about the legislative requirements and costs of meeting their recycling requirements both financially and environmentally.

The donation will enable us to be able to provide additional training and work experience places for young people who are struggling to find work.

ETHYCO says: As we work towards Zero Waste, recycling becomes ever more important and diverse. Add-in the benefits of helping to re-introduce individuals to the employment market and it becomes clear why we wanted to support the team at Recycle Fife.

West Fife Enterprise

West Fife Enterprise

West Fife Enterprise (WFE) is a community-based learning centre located within the west Fife villages. Working alongside an extensive network of employers, WFE offers a range of vocational training programmes for young people, adult returners and adults who have found it difficult to find - and stay - in work. With a first-class track record of moving people into sustainable employment, WFE has been recognised by the Scottish Parliament as an employability model of excellence.

The donation from Ethyco will help us to purchase FISH Trainer Tools which will allow us to offer an additional way of engaging with our learners. The tools make participants the centre of the learning experience by offering proven techniques to ensure that they are involved and engaged, not just passive observers.

ETHYCO says: Fife has a tradition of manual labour orientated work dotted with fishing villages and mining towns. As these industries declined it became necessary to endeavour to retrain the workforce. West Fife Enterprise brings communities together by providing learning opportunities, something that, like ETHYCO, has gained Parliamentary recognition.

Community Centres Scotland Community Centres Scotland Community Centres Scotland Community Centres Scotland

Community Centres Scotland

The award will be used to promote a national discussion group on LinkedIn - Community Centres Scotland - to bring together people committed to the future of their local community centre, providing a forum to share ideas, experience, knowledge and passion for these precious spaces.

ETHYCO says: At the very heart of what we’re doing – bringing communities together! With the work that Community Centres Scotland and Third Sector Innovation are hoping to achieve we’ll see a growing resource to benefit all community centres in Scotland. We already work with examples of centres that have brought a vibrant hub to their community, we look forward to seeing more grow and develop.

Aberdeen Foyer Aberdeen Foyer Aberdeen Foyer Aberdeen Foyer

Aberdeen Foyer

Established in 1995, Aberdeen Foyer is a successful charitable organisation and social enterprise working to prevent and alleviate youth homelessness and unemployment. At our core we provide supported accommodation to former homeless and at risk young people alongside a range of education, training, employment support and health promotion services.

The Foyer’s approach recognises that homelessness and disadvantage is not just a matter of providing a home, but necessitates addressing the underlying causes and critically providing people with the means of gaining and sustaining employment.

The Foyer works with people to develop their talents and open up opportunities, offering engaging services to affect real and lasting change in their lives, enabling them to take the next steps towards independent living, learning and work.

The donation from ETHYCO will help us provide additional activities associated with our support, training and employability programmes such as enabling participants in Lifeshaper, our drug rehabilitation initiative, to pay for wall climbing or horse riding sessions.

ETHYCO says: We’re delighted to not only support Aberdeen Foyer but also to be supplying our great quality ingredients to the Foyer Restaurant and to their concession sites.

iPower UK - clean energy made easy


One in four households in Scotland is currently facing fuel poverty and that figure is likely to rise due to the combination of rapidly escalating energy prices and the recession.

iPower is a start-up social enterprise that is committed to promoting low carbon development in a way that ensures that the whole community benefits - not just the better off. The "i" in iPower stands for "inclusion" which means that we have a particular emphasis on working with low income groups and communities to help them gain access to appropriate renewable energy and energy efficient measures that will improve their economic and social well-being. This includes free daytime electricity from solar PV, warmer homes from external wall insulation and replacement of old, inefficient heating systems.

iPower is working alongside Local Authorities to deliver innovative programmes that help some of the poorest homes in the country. We will use the ETHYCO funding to contribute to the costs of printing materials to raise awareness about the availability of these programmes.

ETHYCO says: What better start-up project to support than one that directly effects lives of the poorest families in our society AND reduces carbon emissions? We're delighted to hear that iPower will be able to put our donation to work!